Currently, the City of SeaTac is home to more than 900 licensed businesses, government agencies or non-profit groups, nearly 80  of which are “Fortune 1000” companies. These entities employ over 40,000 employees in the City of SeaTac and generate total local sales of approximately $4.2 billion.

Business may be counted more than once if occupying more than one location. Business data obtained from Claritas Business Point.

Below, the City’s top industry sectors are highlighted:

Hotel Industry

The hotel industry in the City of SeaTac boasts 2,000 employees and generates $76.5 million in annual local sales. Outside of downtown Seattle, the City of SeaTac possesses the highest concentration of hotel accommodations in the state with 5,300 rooms. This industry contributes over $1 million annually to the City’s lodging tax, which is administered by the City’s Hotel/Motel Tax Advisory Committee. For more information about this industry, contact the area’s convention and visitor’s bureau, Seattle Southside.

Passenger Airline Industry

The passenger airline industry in the City of SeaTac employs 1,400 workers and generates approximately $120 million in annual local sales. Both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are headquartered in SeaTac and are vital members of the local business community. Currently 29 airlines have arrivals and departures from SeaTac to destinations all over the world; click here for more information.

Air Cargo

Combined, businesses that provide air transportation of cargo and freight forwarders generate nearly $200 million in annual local sales and employ 1,700 workers in the City of SeaTac. These businesses serve the entire globe while moving goods to and from the Puget Sound region, state of Washington, even the greater Pacific Northwest area. In fact, Sea-Tac Airport is the country's 20th busiest cargo airport and offers almost 900,000 square feet (85,000 square meters) of cargo warehouse, airmail and office space for the dynamic mix of domestic and international air cargo activity, totaling 341,952 metric tons in 2006.

Food Services

The food services industry employs more than 1,100 workers and generates $58 million in annual local sales. Patrons can find offerings from full-service restaurants to fast-food and catering businesses.


Passengers Car Rental

The car rental industry boasts over 300 employees in SeaTac and contributes over $62 million in annual local sales to the local economy. 

Commercial Parking

Commercial parking operations, primarily providing supplemental airport parking, employ more than 300 employees and generate more than $62 million per year in local sales.